Caplink EMD



Caplink EMD is a captive dealer that solely distributes the proprietary securities of Caplink Mortgage Trust (“CMT”) which is a related and connected issuer that is managed by Caplink Financial Corporation (“Caplink Financial”)** in its capacity as an Investment Fund Manager (“Caplink IFM”).

Caplink EMD can help prospective purchasers of CMT resident in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba  to understand the features and risks of CMT and to determine if a prospective investor is eligible to make a purchase and if a purchase would be suitable for them.

For more information on CMT, click here Caplink Mortgage Trust.

Caplink IFM, Caplink EMD and CMT are entities that share both common mind and management and direct and indirect common shareholders and unitholders.

For more information about how these companies are related, including conflicts of interest, please see the Relationship Disclosure Information Including Conflicts of Interest document (RDI) below:

Caplink Financial Corporation Conflicts of Interest & Relationship Disclosure Information


** Caplink Financial is registered as an exempt market dealer (“EMD”) with the Alberta Securities Commission (“ASC”), the British Columbia Securities Commission (“BCSC”), the Financial & Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan (“FCAAS”), and the Manitoba Securities Commission (“MSC”); and as an Investment Fund Manager (“IFM”) and a Restricted Portfolio Manager (“RPM”) in the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. Caplink Financial acts as both a securities dealer (“Caplink EMD”) and an IFM and RPM (“Caplink IFM”) for issuer Caplink Mortgage Trust (“CMT”).

Caplink Financial also operates as “Caplink Financial Corporation O/A SoBankable” and is registered as a Real Estate Brokerage and Mortgage Brokerage with the Real Estate Council of Alberta (“RECA”); as a Mortgage Broker with the BC Financial Services Authority (“BCFSA”); as a Financing Corporation with the Financial & Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan (“FCAA”); as a Mortgage Broker with the Manitoba Securities Commission (“MSC”); and as a Mortgage Broker and Mortgage Administrator with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (“FSRA”).