Caplink Mortgage Trust

On November 22, 2022, the Interim Order for the proposed Plan of Arrangement involving Cedar II Mortgage Corporation (“Cedar II”), Caplink Mortgage Investors Corporation (“CapMIC”), their shareholders, CMT CAN Holdings Limited Partnership, CMT CAN Holdings GP Inc. and Caplink Mortgage Trust was approved by Justice Dunlop of the Court of King’s Bench (see “Filed Interim Order” below).

Pursuant to paragraph 41 of the Filed Interim Order, the Joint Information Circular including the Notices of the Meeting, the Forms of Proxy, the Notice of Application and the Interim Order, together with any other communications or documents determined to be necessary or advisable, including the Election and Registrations Forms (collectively, the “Meeting Materials”) are to be sent to Cedar II Shareholders and CapMIC Shareholders by pre-paid mail.

On November 24, the Meeting Materials were mailed to Cedar II and CapMIC Shareholders, in addition to which all the same documents were uploaded to this website and are available in PDF form below.

Please direct all inquiries you may have to Brian Menges 780-702-9229, or Karen Riva 780-702-9223,

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