Investment Opportunities

Invest in an international mortgage portfolio secured by prime real estate in Canada, the United States and Mexico

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Mortgage Lending

Think Caplink for all your private residential and commercial mortgage needs in Canada, the United States & Mexico.

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About Caplink

We bring transparency and value to everything we do.

Caplink Financial Corporation “Caplink” is a relationship-focused investment fund manager, mortgage administrator, and residential and commercial private mortgage lender.

Since 1997 Caplink has grown from servicing its local roots in Alberta to being an international lender to Canadians and Americans through its brand SoBankable, offering a borderless, frictionless, international lending ecosystem in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.

Caplink is the Investment Fund Manager and Mortgage Administrator for Caplink Mortgage Trust (“CMT”). Through SoBankable, Caplink provides CMT with mortgage investment opportunities, which primarily includes financing Canadians and Americans seeking to own real estate in foreign countries.

Our Services


Caplink is a private lender we currently offer private investment opportunities in Caplink Mortgage Trust (CMT).

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Caplink is an Edmonton-based private mortgage lender with over 27 years of lending history in Canada. We offer both residential and commercial products to meet a wide variety of needs.

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Mortgages in Canada

Residential and Commercial

Caplink is dedicated to working with its customers to find mortgage financing. We can accommodate most financing issues including purchases and refinancing, bad credit, second mortgages, foreclosures, and more.

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Mortgages in Mexico for Canadian Residents

With Mexico positioned to be the hotspot for foreign real estate investments, we have assembled our SoBankable by Caplink services to help make these investments a reality. We have established a team of experts including a Mexican law firm that specializes in real estate transactions for foreign buyers.

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Mortgages in the United States for Canadian Residents

Whether you are trying to escape the winter, work in the US, or looking to invest in rental property, SoBankable by Caplink has the expertise to provide you with mortgage financing in the United States. SoBankable is licensed as a mortgage lender and administrator in nine US states and can provide business purpose mortgages in 37 states. We are here to help you make your United States real estate ownership dreams a reality.

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